Free Stuff

If you get stuck whilst you are working with your online content you may well find that someone has already worked out the solution. Just like in yoga there is a bank of wisdom relating to digital and social media, which is freely shared and exchanged. So never feel shy to look around for an answer or ask for help!

The resources below can help you to get online quicker, easier and without having to go through the exasperation of figuring it all out for yourself!

Booking Systems and Registration

Om Line Blog: Google Forms: a free and easy way to collect information from your clients Create an online client registration form for yoga classes with Google Forms

General marketing guidance

You Inspire Me: a great bank of free resources for those running businesses that help or heal others includes this recording of a webinar looking at the three mistakes you should avoid when marketing your business. Listen now

Marketing for Hippies: another wealth of information (some very long, so a cup of tea and a move to the sofa is advised) that can really get you thinking about how you market your wellbeing business. Check out Tad’s free resources