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As a passionate and ambitious yoga teacher you will be familiar with the need to reach new clients, and to retain your existing ones.

Having a presence on the internet is a great way to do this. But being online isn’t just about marketing your business, it is also about presenting your yoga business to the world in the same way you do in person – with integrity and honesty.

Om Line Training is here to help you do just that, to extend your yoga business online in a way that reflects the beautiful yoga that you teach.

Mum Leave

I am currently balancing work and my new life as a mum, so only have a minimal amount of 1-2-1 training slots. If you’d like to grab one of them email me.

My OmLine Training Guides are still available for purchase but there may be a delay in me being able to send the PDFs to you following purchase.

Get Om Line: Social Media Workshop for yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors

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*Lucyoga is the author Lucy Bannister’s yoga business. Through setting up and running Lucyoga she has tried and tested all the techniques she shares via her eBooks and Om Line Training workshops, coaching and 1-2-1 skills sessions.