Om What?

Om Line Training is all about finding the right digital marketing tools for your business. Om Line Training has been founded with yoga, Pilates and fitness instructors, therapists, holistic masseurs and wellbeing practitioners in mind, but I can help many other small businesses too. If you work from the heart, with integrity and honesty, then I’d be delighted to hear from you.

As a yoga teacher myself I have tried and tested the various options out there so I know what works. And if you are on a tight budget I can help you find free and cheap ways to do things.

For many the internet is a strange and bewildering place, full of odd terms like ‘Tweets’ and ‘Mail Chimps’. I can help you find out what all this means and what would work best for you, so you can build a successful holistic business.

Everything is Connected art work at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Perhaps you already know about Twitter, Facebook and YouTube but need some focused guidance to use them efficiently so that you don’t waste time messing about on your computer when you really want to be planning your next yoga lesson or improving your Reiki technique? I can help here too, bringing in new ways to improve the things you already do or to bring in new tricks to enhance your professional approach.

Or you might not want to do any of this at all, but know it is a good idea, so you’d like me to do it for you thank you very much. I can offer services from building a website, setting up and running your social media accounts and tailored coaching.

Who am I?

I am Lucy Bannister, a Dru Yoga teacher – my yoga business is called Lucyoga and I run friendly yoga classes in Leeds, Bradford and London. I have  extensive experience in editing websites, running social media accounts and generally doing things online – most of which I learnt through getting stuck in and figuring it out for myself.

I changed my life when I left my job working as an Editor in Digital Media for the National Gallery to become a full-time yoga teacher. Since then I have applied my digital skills to build my yoga business from scratch to something that can sustain me in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

I can help you because I do this too, I teach yoga and run a viable business using my skills.

Why not get in touch with me and we can have a chat about where you are at now and where you would could be with a little help.