Why Should a Yoga Teacher Have a Facebook Page?

Unless you are very lucky and have classes that fill themselves, you will be familiar with the need to market your yoga business to new students. Having a presence on the internet is a good way to do this, especially if you are teaching in a big city where it is harder to use word of mouth to advertise.

But being online isn’t just about marketing your classes, it is also about presenting yourself to the world in the same way you do in person – as a Yogi. You want new and existing students to be able to access information, wisdom and advice as well as just find out where you hold your classes.

I am a web editor by day and I spend a lot of time thinking carefully about how to present my place of work in the best possible light online. The irony of course is that when I get home at night, the last thing I want to do is sit in front of my computer – I would much rather use the time to practice yoga.

So how can you maximise your time so you spend less on the computer and more on the mat?

Here a few tips to get you started:

  • Update your Facebook page regularly. You can upload photos, videos, links and inspiring quotes. You can also connect to other Yogis around the world, as well as your existing and potential students
  • Think carefully about what you write. The things you put on your facebook page (and your own personal profile if you have one) can be seen by many people so be aware of how you are communicating. Try to be positive and uplifting and you will see this has a great impact on others
  • Use your website as a resource. If you use the internet to find inspiration from other Yogis and well-being practitioners, make sure you show this on your website. Link to other people’s websites and share their photos, videos and blogs. Just make sure you always ask permission and credit people properly

If you want to talk more, get in touch. I offer one-to-one and small group sessions for yoga teachers and well-being practitioners on how to get started and making the best of your online presence, as well as copy writing and editing to help you get the words from your head and onto the screen.

Email me on lucy@omlinetraining.com or leave me a message at http://www.facebook.com/omlinetraining


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