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Stay Safe Online – Why You Need to Change all Your Passwords Now

One of the things that puts people off using online services is security. There are scare stories and hoaxes all the time but real security breaches are actually quite rare.

However in the last week a genuine threat was discovered and it effects a number of commonly used services – such as Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Instagram and many more – it is so far reaching it means it will impact on everyone. The name given to it is Heartbleed

The likelihood that your password, or personal data, has fallen into the wrong hands is small but it is advisable to start changing all your passwords straight away. Some services who have fixed the problem will email you to tell you to change your password this so if that happens don’t ignore it. Particularly if you use these services for your yoga business.

When you do change your passwords try to not use the same one for everything – it is important to use secure passwords rather than ones you can easily remember.

I use a service called Last Pass – it saves all your passwords for you and generates new secure passwords you can use so you don’t have to think new ones up all the time. And it can do security checks for you so you can check if any of the websites or services you used have been compromised by security problems like Heartbleed. It’s very simple. And I really can’t recommend it enough.

If you need help with any of this or have any questions about it please get in touch – leave a comment below or email me on lucy@omlinetraining.com