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Why You Need To Know About Social Media For Your Yoga Business, Even If You Don’t Think You’ll Ever Use It

Things used to be much simpler. If you set up a yoga class you might make some posters and/or flyers for your local area, list it in the Yellow Pages or the Free Ads, pop an advert in the local paper.

But nowadays people say you have to be on Twitter. And Facebook, Instagram and Google too. Perhaps you’ve even been told to send out e-newsletters or create You Tube videos? Even worse, someone might have suggested that you take bookings for your yoga class online.

But none of this seems relevant to you because the people that come to your class don’t use Twitter. Or book online.

Or do they?

77% of people in the UK bought something online in the last month. For every person in the UK there are 3.1 devices connected to the internet.

The UK population is the global number one when it comes to online activity! And those who are not using the internet themselves are doing so indirectly – by asking friends and family to research, or buy, online for them.

So maybe your customers are using Google, or Twitter, or Facebook.

For many yoga teachers being ‘online’ is not a priority. Delivering good quality yoga classes to loyal and committed students comes much higher up than working out how to use technology to send a Tweet or build a website. And so it should.

But as times change, faster than ever before, so do the needs of our yoga students. They are going to be searching online for classes near them, and if your class doesn’t appear on Google, then they won’t know it exists.

And we want them to know we exist so that we can share the amazing work that we do. Ironically the more we live our lives online, the more we need yoga!

It’s OK, you don’t necessarily have to become a master of Instagram selfies, or the top hit on You Tube. But you might want to have a mobile friendly website, an email list that doesn’t breach Data Protection rules and a way of reaching your customers on Facebook.

Knowing what is out there for you to use, so you can pick and choose what might help you reach your potential customers is vital to keeping your classes vibrant and alive with students. And you might even find that some of these tools, like e-newsletters and online booking actually reduce the admin workload that you have to deal with on a daily basis, and increase your income at the same time.

Of course it is essential that all this is done with the right attitude and intention, with honesty and integrity.

I call it marketing with ahimsa. Reaching out in the spirit of non-violence. Non-violence to your customer and, very importantly, non-violence to you as a teacher. It’s about finding ways to absorb these new approaches to marketing into your business without it being something you find uncomfortable or difficult.

I’m offering a day workshop of insight into all this on Friday 20 October 2017 at Inside Out Yoga Studio near Wakefield. We’ll look at the main social media networks, and a few key tools that I know will really help your yoga business flourish. But we’ll also be doing some lovely Dru Yoga to help remove any fear that you might have about trying out these things.

Advance Booking can be made online here

Or you can email or call me to ask questions or book over the phone:


Friday 20 October 2017
9:30 – 3:30pm
Inside Out Yoga Studio, Acanthus Golf Centre, Wakefield WF3 1SL
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Testimonial from Graham Stones, Broken Yogi

“I recently worked with Lucy Bannister to help me get a little more savvy about how to use social media with my business. I run a service called Broken Yogi which provides treatment and yoga anatomy workshops for Broken Yogis, dancers and keen sports people.

Broken Yogi logo

I love my work but it’s hard running a business yourself, there is always so much to do. I want to spend my time focussed on my actual work which is why, for a long time I had been putting off learning social media. There were a few reasons that were stopping me from learning about it. Firstly I thought that it was going to be a long and difficult process getting to grips with it. Secondly I had been to a number of therapist conferences where there is always someone advertising their expertise on social media but it all seemed like a big financial commitment. Thirdly the people teaching these courses seemed a bit corporate and lacked the authenticity and ethical approach which I felt was so important.

When I met with Lucy there was much more of a personal and friendly approach, like hanging out with a good friend, it  didn’t seem worky or corporate at all. Her friendly and enthusiastic manner make it a joy to work with her and she is clearly very knowledgable and experienced in what she does. I found that her experience as a yoga teacher made the process so much more applicable to what I do, it means that I am not getting lost in unnecessary tangents of  social media. She has a great ability of keeping things focussed and specific to your needs which I greatly appreciate, the sign of a fantastic teacher.

As well as making the process feel more comfortable, working with Lucy gave me clarity of how I could use social media in an authentic and ethical way that fitted my beliefs. She is someone who not only has real professional experience in this field but also understands where we are coming from as yoga teachers and therapists.

I’m always looking to learn from great people and Lucy is definitely on my list of people to go to. Not only did Lucy cover everything I wanted to know but she also knew more about what I wanted than I did. She is exceptionally generous in her knowledge and obviously loves sharing her skills and experience to help people like me. I came away with much more than I thought I would! It really has been a huge help and like all masters she made it all seem so easy.

Social media doesn’t have to be hard, difficult, time consuming or scary, I only wish I’d met Lucy sooner. A lesson with Lucy is like plugging into the Matrix – Don’t waste anymore time, if you’re lucky enough to have found Lucy – use her. I promise you will not regret it and you will get more from it that you can imagine. We all want to hear what you have to say.”

Graham Stones
Physical therapist and Yoga teacher
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BrokenYogi